About Lovin' the 'Burg 😍

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to  Lovin' the 'Burg ❤ A true labor of love

Soooooo...who is behind   Lovin' the 'Burg 

I love Williamsburg and absolutely love seeing people coming to visit CW from all over the U.S.A. and also from all over the world. As an artist/entrepreneur I saw that there was room for more unique, (dare I say...rebellious) one-of-a-kind Colonial Williamsburg themed souvenir items (for tourists and for locals too!) such as t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, mugs, ball caps, flip flops, and so much more. I love unique items and when I travel that is exactly what I look for...products that stand out, that are a bit different, products that make me feel special. Products you won't find mass produced. I wanted to create these kinds of beautiful products for you, your family, and your friends.

I spent 6 months of 2023 designing and creating my truly one-of-a-kind 🔥 not to be found anywhere else 🔥 colonial spirit inspired products. I poured myself into many (many...lol) late night hours of creative design and with each design (over 45!) I got more excited about what I was creating for my community and our visiting guests from near and far. I then 100% built my website and added my designs onto some incredibly cool products for you to be proud to wear and carry. I created edgy, hip, (and also my spin on more classical styles) and simply refreshingly new designs and products and I hope you love them as much as I do. 

I'm so very proud to represent Williamsburg, in this creative way. It's  time to take home a little slice of the 'Burg from Lovin' the 'Burg! 😍 

A little about me...I've been coming to Williamsburg for 27 years to visit my parents, who built their dream home here. Never did I think I would end up living here...but apparently life had different plans for me...and here I am!😍

When I was just barely 18, I followed in my dad's footsteps and proudly served in the U.S Army as a Military Police Officer. I'm honored to have served my country.

In 2020, sadly my Mom's cancer came back...and in late 2020, along with my sister Kathleen (a nurse), I came to live with mom and take care of her along with our brother Bill, who lives in Newport News, VA. My siblings and I were with mom every day for the last few precious months of her life. Our beautiful, strong, amazing mom passed away May 11th, 2021. 

While still grieving...life had to move forward. I put my beloved mom's house up for sale, with every intention of selling it, dealing with my grief and the loss of my best friend/mom and moving back to California. 

But, as I said, life had different plans for me. I decided to purchase my parent's beautiful home. So...I sold everything in CA. ~ roadtripped across our beautiful country and moved to Williamsburg, VA. 

evon biondi

I have now made Williamsburg my home since August 2021.  I knows my parents are with me...I know they are proud of me...and I feel their love in every nook and cranny of their loving Williamsburg home...now my  home 


 woman veteran owned business


Lovin' the 'Burg Brand Drivers

  • A Democratic Brand: harnessing our business’ diverse and inclusive customer appeal to grow our consumer base;
  • True to the Colonial Williamsburg Heritage: we are a mix of rebellion, individuality, love of community and a strong desire to always remain free. We are adopted by youth culture, as well as our amazing customers of all ages. Always striving to remain relevant to all that come to our amazing corner of the country; 
  • Rooted in Historical Colonial Icons: while expanding the business’ range through style, fresh design and category variations; and
  • One proudly local Brand: consistent, unique, rebellious and locally relevant.